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Modern AUDI – VW – BMW – BENTLEY – MERCEDES – PORSCHE have a sophisticated array of onboard electronics. These systems have the capability of “remembering” faults which have occurred within the system whether it be engine management, ABS or instrumentation.

To access the AUDI – VW – BMW – BENTLEY – MERCEDES – PORSCHE memory we use utilise some of the best diagnostic equipment on the market such as full ODIS dealer level diagnostic for VAG and Bentley, VAG’s VAS5054A, VAGCOM, Bosch FSA/KTS and Delphi. These systems enable us to carry out the following system functions:

  • Full fault code checking
  • Electronic control unit upgrades
  • Component activation
  • Clearing & setting of adaptation values
  • ECU Coding and full programming
  • Engine idle tuning and adjustment
  • Reading of dynamic control data
  • Adding of accessories
  • Car key programming for locking functions
  • Feature personalisation
KTS Bosch Delphi DS150E APR
Bosch Delphi